Our Story

With over two decades at the helm, our founder and president Rick Oliver brings unparalleled leadership to Sno-Motion. His expertise in the Fluid Power Industry has led to the successful design, development, and coordination of major projects, resulting in revenues exceeding $50 million.

Sales & Marketing Success

Our Sales and marketing team, under Rick's guidance, has a proven track record of implementing successful programs for various companies, including Fortune 500 giants. Revenue growth of over 200% within two years reflects our commitment to driving success for our partners.

Industry Expertise

At Sno-Motion, we specialize in the following areas:
Electron-Hydraulic Controlled Systems Application and Design
Motion Control Concepts, System Integration
Product Development & Design
System Design.

Our team's deep knowledge ensures cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Innovative Training & Development

Sno-Motion goes beyond solutions. We believe in knowledge empowerment. Rick Oliver has developed and presented innovative technical and product training courses, contributing to our industry leadership.


Leadership in Motion

With a visionary leader at the forefront and a team dedicated to excellence, Sno-Motion stands as a symbol of innovation, reliability, and success in the Fluid Power Industry. Join us in advancing toward a future where motion is not just controlled, it's perfected.

Experience the future of motion with us.